Believe it or not, I’m more likely to answer tweets than email. Yeah, I’m one of those kids.

Using Images

Mine: In general I don’t mind reproductions of my graphics as long as I’m cited and linked.

Others': Obviously, though, I don’t own a lot of the images here that don’t have my name at the bottom so if you happen to dislike my using your screencap or suchlike, um… notify me? I will happily take it down for you.

Using Posts

Quotes and links are a-okay (I’m not the Associated Press, after all). Please do not repost my written blogs in full, either in their original language or in translation, without my express permission. Oh, and try not to steal my stuff and turn it into your professor. That’s going to come back to bite you.

Twitter: @KrisLigman


  • vermin supreme  On 01.25.12 at 1:42 pm

    Dear Kris , I am so loving that , me as pony man illustration.
    Do you know how i can contact the artist, as i would like to add the design to my tee shirt shop :
    Thank you. vermin

    • Kris Ligman  On 01.25.12 at 1:57 pm

      Hail, my future overlord.

      The nearest to contact information I can find is the artist’s deviantArt page. I am not seeing an email, however if you make an account you can leave a message on the artist’s page or send them a direct message and they should see it. I hope that helps!

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