Roundup of Unusual Size: Gus Mastrapa’s inner teenager.

Tomorrow being my birthday and everything I hope you all won’t mind if I take a bit of an extended holiday. You know, mourning my misspent youth and all that. Enjoy tonight’s links and have a wonderful holiday weekend, Canadians and Americans alike!


More reactions about the SCOTUS ruling keep pouring in. Geekosystem warns it’s at best a lukewarm gesture. Joystick Division provides theirs as well, and as usual, you can always tell a Gus Mastrapa article by the headline.

This article from split/screen is by far one of the most impassioned and interesting takes on simulated and actual war I’ve seen in some time. An excellent read.

Kate Cox’s Gamer Gaze series continues tonight with Part 3.

Fantastic article from my colleague Nick Dinicola over at PopMatters Moving Pixels on the genre-bending nature of NieR.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun has a lengthy preview of XCOM, definitely an FPS-with-a-note-of-difference that we should all be paying attention to in coming months.

And while we usually start on Gamasutra instead of capping off with them, this opinion piece from Emmeline Dobson complete with “meaningful design work” graph is well worth a glance as we head off the night.


Thanks to io9, we all now know a little more about gray matter flatulence.

Peer pressure affects your memories. Seems common sense, but it’s frightening all the same.

And Scientific American asks: is some stuff just too hard for even 10,000 hours of science?

Don’t Scan Me Bro!


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