Roundups of Unusual Size: Shut up, Joker.

Welcome back to the Daily Link Roundup! Now renamed and slightly reconceptualized. Don’t worry, there are no big changes, at least for now.

One thing you may notice is an increased emphasis on game-related articles, which was only inevitable. Another thing that I will be phasing out are “srs bzns” categories– not for lack of significance, but because there are much better aggregators than me for such topics and there is only so far one daily linklist can spread itself.

I have to thank everyone again for staying patient with me while I weathered, first, the grieving process and then a bunch of oh-shit academic deadlines. As a result, tonight’s list will be exceptionally long for a Saturday. Hit the jump for a drink from the hyperlink firehose.


-O.C. Remix, Bad Dudes Team Up for Heroes Vs. Villains

-Dragon Age Brought to Life (With No Money)
-The Biggest Fan Made Movie Build Up Ever


-Blog: Sony and Nintendo Don’t Even Understand the Threat They Face
-Blog: The home console business needs a new strategy
-Battlefield Play4Free‘s Cousins: $60 Games ‘Exploitative’

-Interview: Can OhMyGame! Democratize Game Development Through the Browser?
-Opinion: Brian Moriarty’s Apology for Roger Ebert
-The Rain is Coming: Mega64 Take on Heavy Rain at GDC
-In-Depth: Jason Rohrer’s Chain World Meets Controversy
-The Gaming Doctrine: (Virtual) Reality is (Just as) Broken

Rock, Paper, Shotgun;
-Duke’s “Capture the Babe” Slap Feature

PopMatters Moving Pixels;
-Grasping Inside a Star-filled Sky
-We Need to Stop Saying that Games Tell Bad Stories

-PAX East 2011: Hands-On with Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
-Hands-On Impressions of Bohm the Game
-Freeware Game Pick: Rebirth
-Interview: Rohrer’s Star-Filled Sky and the Journey to Meaning

Denis Farr;
-Carver’s My Brother
-The Case for Dragon Age 2‘s Romances
-Queer Characters: BioShock
-Inclusivity Review: Dragon Age 2

-Signs of the Times: East vs. West RPGs
-PAX East 11: ‘One of Us’ Panel Video

J.P. Grant;
-I Want to Believe: Jane McGonigal’s PAX East 2011 Keynote

Joystick Division;
-Study Shows the Depressing Extents of Verbal Abuse on Xbox Live

Michael Abbott;
-LittleBig artists

Deirdra Kiai Productions;
-Beyond “Great Works of Art”

Kill Screen;
-A Sackboy Says No Words
-Radical Dreamers

Magical Wasteland;
-Why We Don’t Have Female Characters

Leigh Alexander and Kirk Hamilton;
-The Final Fantasy VII Letters, Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

The Gwumps;
-Post-Traumatic Wastelands

Electron Dance;
-The Aspiration, 1: Sartre Was Right

The Tip of the Sphere;
-It’s a 7.5

Boing Boing;
-Classic arcade game deaths

-Interview with the creator of ‘petermolyneux2′

-How BioShock Infinite‘s Creators are Crafting Adventure from Labor Strife, Dead Horses and the Energy of the Tea Party
-If Pokemon Aren’t Slaves, Then Why Do You Call Yourselves Masters?
-From Dust Still Looks Out of This World


-Sucker Punch goes beyond awful, to become commentary on the death of moviemaking
-21 stills and the Chemical Brothers soundtrack take you inside the lethal world of Hanna

-The Problem isn’t Zack Snyder. The Problem is You.


Boing Boing;
-Terry Pratchett and Terry Jones to produce Discworld TV crime drama
-Pakistani Actress Veena Malik schools a mullah about Islam


-How to Create a Scientifically Plausible Alien Life Form

Boing Boing;
-Epublishing Bingo card: the traditional media edition


-There is a possibility that we live in a universe dominated by antimatter
-The story of the real-life Salt, a supermodel brainwashed into becoming a CIA spy

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  • Harbour Master  On 03.27.11 at 2:14 am

    Thanks for the link again Kris. Maybe should warn the masses there are 290,000 words on the side of that link =)

    Not exactly sure what trials you’ve been subjected to recently but glad to hear you made it through to the other side. Welcome back.

    • direcritic  On 03.27.11 at 2:46 am

      “Maybe should warn the masses there are 290,000 words on the side of that link =)”

      And take away the wonder of discovery? 8D

      Thank you. Glad to BE back, and not just prattling on Twitter with an inactive Livejournal.

  • Geraldo Nascimento  On 03.27.11 at 4:35 am

    What a fantastic collection of links.


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